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Incredible incentives in Ras Al Khaima

If you are planning a motivating trip with the staffs of your company to UAE and you want something which is going to touch the culture of UAE and also get to enjoy the Desert landscape experiences, the best place that you can host your group is at the Bedouin oasis desert camp. There are deserts stays and activities that are offered by this Bedouin oasis desert camp. On this trip, you are going to get a lot of fun activities and interactive motivating activities in the Bedouin oasis desert camp and you will surely be able to experience some ideas which will make brainstorming easy and you will all be able to come up with new ideas.

Incentive Group local farm visit and Private Desert Dinner

On this tour, you are going to meet with the local Emirati people while there will be a local guide available to take you around as you will visit the local Emiratis’ farms where you will get to see and experience the ways of life of the locals in the past decades. You are going to fall in love with the stunning atmosphere here as you will also get to meet the camels at the place that they live.

Incentive Group Evening Desert Tour & Dinner

If you want to have a memorable evening while you are in UAE, you can opt for a private dinner which can be arranged in the middle of the Desert. On this trip, you will get to experience what the Bedouin life is hundred years ago. You will be mesmerized by the stunning lights which glisten in the trees as you approach and the lights lead down to the oasis below. You will love as the camp keeps to the true Bedouin style as there is no electricity in the camp and the camp is illuminated romantically with candles, gas lights, and antique lanterns. You are also going to enjoy the mouthwatering Arabic BBQ while you also get to be in peace with the desert around you and also enjoy the bright stars with the Arabic shisha and entertainment.

Overnight Camping

One of the ideal things to do when you are in UAE is to stay in the desert and on this tour you are going to enjoy the mind-blowing and memorable night time in the middle of the desert and in a well-maintained desert camp. After the BBQ dinner and Bedouin Oasis activities, you can also opt to stay overnight in the Bedouin oasis. You are going to be mesmerized by the millions of stars on the desert sky and you the mind-blowing Bedouin night begins afterward as you will gather around the bonfire to relax. In the morning, you are going to be waked up by the sonorous sounds of the desert birds and also get to see the stunning desert sunrise which will blow up your mind. You are also going to have a light breakfast before you leave in the morning. The camp is also equipped with luxurious and environmentally friendly washroom with the outdoor shower and there are many other amenities which is going to make your stay comfortable and memorable. There is a wide range of tents and beddings that is available at the camp so as to meet your request.

Private Desert Gala Dinner

You can also request for a Gala dinner which will be set up at the desert high point and it will be equipped with oriental style seating and mattresses with low tables and desert torches. There is a dedicated and friendly team which will be made available to prepare and serve the live BBQ after you have been mesmerized by the panoramic view of the sunset. You can also arrange for a private belly dance show and camel riding activities that you can experience. From UAE Visa to transportation Arabain Incentive can take care every thing.